War site in Argonne 1914-1918

German Reserve Camp


The Moreau Valley, as many others slopes of the Argonne massif near the battlefield, welcomed several camps destined to accomodate reserve troops.


The camp called "West Moreau Valley" was built and occupied by German soldiers from February 1915 to September 1918. The camp is equipped with a number of facillities including a power station, showers, latrines, a network of underground galleries and number of other surprising things to discover.




The French-German Committee


Our association is working to restore the site (with the permission of "Office National des Forêts") as well as to develop it. Thanks to plans found in the German Archives, volunteers are working hard to identically reconstruct this camp, which is steeped in history. Work at the Moreau Valley Camp began in 1997.


We are working on the restoration and the presentation of ten sites such as the Moreau Valley, the chapel of "poilus" French soldiers in Saint-Thomas en Argonne, the Museum of "la Maison du Pays d'Argonne" in Vienne-le-Château, the Kaiserlager (German reserve camp), the Feste Kronprinz, the Karllager and the Karlquelle.


Requirements for the protection of these remembrance and historic sites are: the possibility of restoration, the historic signifiance, the accessibility, the possibility to open for visitors. Not all sites are currently accessible to the public.


The President's Message


"To not forget and to build the futur together, the French-German Committee has been working on the protection of the memory and the preservation of World War One in Argonne since 1996. With the WWI centennial everybody wants to organize war commemorations. We must be vigilant that these memories not be the last and we continue to honour the memory of these brave soldiers."




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